Kids love their Sara's and Widgeon. We've heard stories of kids going to school in our PJs, wearing them for days on end, squeezing into their favorite pair when they are far too small, and others. We get it. In fact, the owners' daughter still carries her size 2 pajama top as her lovey and can't sleep without it. For 6 years now.

We love to hear what you have to say, and appreciate all of the pictures that we receive of children wearing their Sara's Prints sleepwear and Widgeon outerwear. Please send your comments or pictures to: info@sarasprints.com.

"I have been purchasing your pajamas for my son for the past three years. I just wanted you to know how much I love your pajamas! I buy the long johns in the colder months and the short johns in the warmer months. The quality of these pajamas is amazing, and they are so soft. My son never wears out a pair before the season is over."
- Kathleen from St. Louis


"I have ordered Sara's Prints for almost 10 years and they are the very best pjs for children I have ever found! Both my children and I love them! They love the prints, I love the quality."
- Lisa from New Jersey.


"I just couldn't wait to tell you folks how pleased I am...I have a very very happy special needs boy that truly cannot wait to get into your pj's every night! I am on the second round of ordering from your terrific catalog of clothing for children. My son always gets the first look and then tells me what he'd like me to consider ordering. Thank you for providing such quality, comfort, to a special boy and his mom. Please keep up the wonderful work.
- Julie from Southern California.


"My daughter would wait for the pajamas to dry by the dryer to wear them. They were great. I am purchasing these for my granddaughter. We had dozens."
- Anne from Louisiana


"Thank you for carrying larger sizes for boys. My boy loves your pajamas and I don't think he'll be growing out of loving them any time soon."
- Tonya from New York.


"My daughter loves your ruffled nightgowns and will not sleep in anything else! They are so soft and comfortable and last forever."
- Rebecca from Illinois.


"Cotton nightgowns are so hard to find. Thank you for making such a wonderful product."
- Erica from California